Lift stronger.

Live Longer.

If it’s time to look after yourself, join the strength training club where everyone is welcome, no matter what level of fitness you currently have.

In as little as 2 sessions per week, you will notice yourself getting stronger and your everyday movements becoming easier.

A strength training club in Newcastle

where grandmothers give younger members a run for their money…

Our gym’s diversity makes us different. If you have ever felt overwhelmed by rows of equipment, loud music or personal trainers young enough to be your kids, you’re not alone.

So we’ve created a club where every member is personally greeted and valued, because we believe everyone should feel safe and supported at the gym. Our method can be adapted to suit any skill or fitness level – so even if you haven’t picked up a barbell before, it is never too late to start.

Our members are constantly surprised by how quickly they gain strength with the right support. See how our programs work to learn how you can benefit from strength training.

Meet Karl Versteeg

“If I can do it, you can too”

I started Groundwork Fitness because strength training changed my life.

I was born with cerebral palsy and took up strength training as a way to improve my movement. What followed was a lifelong passion for my 5am training sessions. 

Over time, curious friends began asking me to train them. Each one gained great results from my method, and I wanted to reach even more people. So now I have created a space where I teach everything I’ve learned since picking up my first barbell at 14 years old.

Why choose Us?

Coaches who genuinely care

Our certified coaching team has the experience necessary to design programs for specific concerns, like that niggle in your back, poor posture or sore joints. They’re always up for a laugh too – so in just a couple of sessions, your trainer will feel like an old friend.

Premium training environment

Our gym is intentionally small to ensure it feels like a true community. We also offer complimentary towels, brand new amenities, toiletries, off-street parking and a chilled face washers for freshening up, so you feel your best at every session.

Foundations for everyday life

Our method is designed to make everyday movements easier, whether that’s picking up a heavy bag of groceries, sitting on the floor to play with kids or keeping up your surfing habit. The Big 4 Lifts we teach give you the strength to live a fulfilling life.

Flexible training options

Train solo, with your partner or friends – it’s up to you. We have flexible memberships that allow you to access the gym however you prefer. See the memberships page  to learn how it works and check out our signature Lift and Learn program.

Our members

“It didn’t take long for me to notice that I was lifting heavier.”

Strength training has kept me at a level where I am still able to do the things I enjoy at 52 years old. I go to the gym 4–5 days a week and I also surf 5–6 times a week. Without the training Karl has showed me, I don’t think I would be able to do these things.

Karl came up with a program that I could start with, and it didn’t take long for me to notice that I was lifting heavier. He has taught me a lot about strength training – it isn’t all about just lifting heavy weights, which can become boring.

He is very dedicated, is always trying to get the best out of the person he is training and teaches people how to lift properly so as not to cause an injury. I can’t recommend Karl enough.

- Gary Pascoe

Groundwork Fitness Trainer-Karl-Versteeg and Garry Pascoe

When you’re stronger,
life changes for the better.

The benefits of strength training include…

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