Groundwork Member – Maarty P

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and during the treatment I was advised to continue exercising because part of the treatment of radiation and hormone therapy resulted in muscle wastage and loss of bone density, so I started going to the gym. My wife was going to Groundwork so I went along to see Karl and he told me about the benefits of lifting weights.

The atmosphere at his gym was very good because it was a place where I found people who were encouraging to be around. Karl tailored a fitness program for me which is always making me improve on the amount of weight which can be lifted.

This helps in my day to day activity as I still work and I love my sport which is surfing.

So as a man of 67 years of age I feel the weight training that Karl has set me up with will continue to help me stay fit for the future.

Doing weight training can be something that most people can do and Karl can set out a plan for you

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