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It is strange how sometimes things fall into place just at the right time. On reaching my late 60’s, I became very concerned with possible health issues such as dementia, heart problems, bone density and obvious muscle loss. I attended a course on optimal ageing.

Here I learnt many interesting facts relating to ageing but noticeably about sarcopenia and its effects on our body. Karl Versteeg from Groundwork Fitness gave a passionate and inspiring talk on the link between weight bearing exercise such as deadlifts, squats and press and its connection in improving our muscle strength and body architecture, our heart and brain function.

He spoke of as we age, muscle loss can contribute to being out of balance and lead to falls and fractures which can then follow on with many other associated ongoing health issues. I could immediately relate to this and decided to give it a go. Before that day I had never contemplated stepping one foot into a gym. Karl gave me the confidence to never look back and through his professional guidance and encouragement I have remarkably improved my strength, balance and overall health. I have met some amazing people of various ages and abilities and have witnessed their confidence and strength grow week by week.

Groundwork Fitness is how a gym should be run. Professionally, with continuing guidance, quality new equipment, space to move, it is clean, there are lots of laughs and a cuppa and a chat at the end of your session. I would encourage anyone who is concerned about their ongoing health and thought a gym was not for them to give Groundwork Fitness a try. You will be surprised with what you can achieve!

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