Groundwork Member – Peter T

I received a Gift Voucher of 5 X 1 hour one on one lessons as a christmas present, it took some time to develop enough courage to actually attend, having been to gyms as a younger person I was aware of the egos and competitive atmospheres that predominate.

Most surprising was the friendly, co-operative response from the other people exercising, and the utmost professionalism shown by Karl in his approach to coaching. It is early days for me in terms of turning my fitness around but I will certainly continue because I have been made to feel comfortable at Groundwork.

Given my age, 77, I can’t say that I was full of enthusiasm to start weight training. I hadn’t worked out in a gym for 15 or so years, stopped running 7 or 8 years ago so I was overweight  and not fit.  But, having committed I can see the start of improving fitness.  I am looking forward to further improvements in my fitness and health.

My advice would be if you are thinking of getting fit, come and talk to Karl before he closes the books, he has a no nonsense approach to teaching the correct technique.  Personally, a machine free environment where one works with weights, not machines, is a much more satisfying way to improve one’s strength and fitness.

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