Our Method

Our Method

What is strength training, and is it right for you?

Our method is simple, tried and tested: you learn the Big 4 Lifts, you practice them and you get stronger. Because it’s not rocket science, anyone can build strength by following our method.

These lifts put you on the fast-track to improved strength, mobility, posture and balance. That’s because each one mimics movements like sitting, standing and bending, which means you reap the rewards of your training every day.

We start by teaching you proper form and technique, and then the fun begins as you challenge yourself to reach new PBs.

Because certified coaches guide you, our method is suitable for everyone – no matter how creaky your knees are or how clearly you remember the 1980s. Your training program is tailored to your fitness ability and every session challenges you in a new way.

This method has helped people to:

To strengthen your whole body, you only need to learn 4 lifts



Core, legs, glutes, lower back

A deadlift engages multiple muscle groups to improve your posture, balance and range of movement. Key muscles work to keep the back extended and support the spine, which engages the core far more effectively than traditional abdominal exercises like sit-ups can.

Deadlifts will help you to:


glutes, quads, core

Like deadlifts, squats engage a range of muscle groups to give you many results from a single exercise. This lift is great for improving stability and balance; it also strengthens hip, knee and ankle joints, and supports sitting and bending movements.

Squats will help you to:

Overhead press

shoulders, upper back, arms

If you spend a lot of time sitting, this is the exercise for you. The overhead press helps to correct poor posture, as it engages the core, upper back and all major shoulder muscles. The strength you get from this lift also supports you when lifting heavy objects.

Overhead presses will help you to:

Bench Press

Bench press

chest, arms, upper back

The bench press works the same muscles as a push up does, but it’s far more dynamic and you don’t need to get down on the floor to do it. This exercise engages all of the muscles in your chest, allowing you to lift and push heavy objects with ease. 

Bench presses will help you to:

Learn to lift with our signature program

You have a range of membership options, but we recommend starting with our signature Lift and Learn program, so we can teach you the foundational techniques that you’ll use for life. Over 5 sessions, you will learn the essentials of strength training and leave with a customised training program to follow. 

Whether you are new to strength training or need to improve your form, this program is modified to your level and is our best-value package for individual sessions.

Our members

“The core strength I’ve gained since training with Karl has given me confidence in life and work.”

I work both in the office and out on-site. Being a little older, at 54, I feel it’s important that I remain fit and strong to keep this work regime going, and for a better heather life in general. I have done some weight and cardio training in the past, which was effective to a point but did not offer the core strength I’m enjoying now.

I have managed to keep my goals and am even reaching new PBs in squatting and deadlifting through gentle persistence from Karl. His approach to correct any form issues is refreshing. Ultimately the results are ours to achieve, and I feel Karl can keep you on the path when we get a little wobbly.

I’m 54 and still working on site. The core strength I’ve gained since training with Karl allows me to continue to lift and shift without injury, and has given me confidence in life and work.

- Gavin scott

Groundwork Fitness Trainer Karl Versteeg and Gavin

Life’s more fun when you’re strong enough to take it on.

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